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Monday, 7 May 2012

How To Generate Quality Backlinks To Your Site In Seconds

Blogging has been a hobby for most of the people out there. Most of them suffer due to less amount of traffic. But still today there are effective ways to generate good amount of backlinks.There are lots of ways to generate good amount of backlinks but the most effective of them being Tumblr. Tumblr is a blogging platform which people use mostly for personal purposes. I mean for personal blogs and its the best for photography blogs.

There are actually two ways to generate backlinks from tumblr. I have discussed about both of them here. These backlinks may not generate you good traffic directly. But having backlinks from high PR sites would increase your PR and it would lead to your articles being ranked at the top position in search engine results and would indirectly generate you traffic. So now lets see those two ways.

Re-blogging and liking other posts :

Before following this method you need to do some changes with regard to your settings. This is the most important step in that and if you fail to do that you will not generate backlinks to your blog. Below I have shown you on what you need to change in your settings and how to do it.

1. Login to your Tumblr account.

2. Navigate to the Blog Settings page.

3. There you can find a checkbox saying "Use Custom Domain Name". Check that box and below would appear a text in which you need to add the domain of your blog.

4. Now scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the save button.

Now that you have made all changes to your settings page and now the next thing that you need to do is to generate back links to your site. This can be done either by liking other tumblr site's posts or by re-blogging them. I would recommend you to like other posts as it can be done in one click whereas re-blogging them requires two clicks and it would consume some time.

The next thing is to find good PR blogs. This can be done with the help of a plugin called as SEO quake which can be added to Chrome, Firefox, Opera and also Safari. You can download for the respective browsers from the following links.

And so now lets get started in the process of finding good PR blogs. To do so follow the steps below : 

1. Navigate your browser to Google.

2. In the search box type in the following "like this"
3. You will get the results. Just wait for a moment and now the plugin which you installed would show its magic. It would show the PR of the resulting links along with other details.

4. Click on the blog which has a high PR. It would redirect you to that respective blog. Click on any of the post there. As you are logged in to tumblr it would show you a few buttons at the top right of the blog. There you can find a heart symbol. Click on that. It would turn red indicating that you have liked that particular post you are on.

5. Wait for a few seconds and reload the page a couple of times. Now scroll down to the end of the post. You can see some like your-username liked this where your-username would be replaced with your username. And when you click on your username it would take it to your blog.

And Hurray ! you have generated a good quality backlink from a good PR blog. Using this method could rapidly increase your traffic even in days. Use this method to generate atleast 10 backlinks per day.

The Other Method :

This method would generate direct backlink from Tumblr. This is just like posting a small snippet of your post to your tumblr blog. This would generate you baclink from Tumblr which is a PR 8 website !

You MUST use different tumblr accounts to follow both the methods mentioned above. As in the first method you just change the setting which says use a custom domain but you are not changing anything with regard to your name servers.

There is an easy way to follow this method. There are lots of websites round the web which would post about your latest article to your Facebook page, Twitter etc. One of the website is This site also has an option to add this post to your tumblr blog.

 This would help you in easily add about it to your Tumblr blog just like you do it to your Facebook page and to your Twitter.

So just go sign up at and follow the steps prescribed by them and add Tumblr to the services where your articles would be posted.

And so I hope that I helped you guys on How to Generate Quality Backlinks in just seconds. Post your doubts below as comments. Happly Blogging :) !

Saturday, 5 May 2012

How To Use Dropbox With Your Own Domain

Dropbox is one of the leading cloud providers over the web. Well lots and lots of people use dropbox nowadays and they sync their files through their mobiles, computers, tablets etc. But however when you upload a file to dropbox it provides you a very long URL for you to access the file. Why dont you use your own domain with dropbox ? And this would greatly simplify the URL of your files in Dropbox. So lets get started and see on how to do it.

Requirements :

  1. Dropbox account
  2. Your Domain
Getting started :

The thing that you are gonna need for this tutorial is a web host. There are lots and lots of free web hosts that are available round the web and you can choose one among them. 

Setting Up Your Host :

As I mentioned earlier there are lots of free web hosting providers who are available round the web and in this tutorial I would be using a hosting service named as Koolserve. Create an account there and proceed to the following steps.

1. Login to the cPanel of your account whose details would be given in the email which you got on confirmation.

2. Find the panel which says Domains and in that select Subdomains.

3. Enter any name in the field provided. I would recommend you to add the name as dropbox. And click on create. Make sure that the next field says public_html/THE-NAME-YOU-PROVIDED

4. Now come back to your cPanel and enter into the File Manager.

5. Navigate to public_html/THE_NAME_YOU_PROVIDED.

6. Come Back to the cPanel and again enter the File manager. But this time make sure that you check the box which says Show Hidden Files.

7. Enter into the folder with the name of your sub domain and there you can find a file called as .htaccess. Right click the file and click edit file. Enter the following lines of codes in it. Dont forget to replace DROPBOX_ID with your Dropbox ID.

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [L,QSA]
8. Save the file.

And that's it. You have completed it. Now the thing that you need to do while sharing the file in your Dropbox with your friends is to replace a part of the URL with the subdomain.

For example if your subdomain is and the URL of your file in Dropbox is :

Replace with so that it becomes

Thank you for reading this article and I hope that you are now easily able to share your files with simpler URL's. Post your doubts as comments. Happy Dropboxing !

Friday, 4 May 2012

How To Verify Google Authorship For Blogspot Blog

In the recent days there has been a lot of buzz among bloggers all over the world regarding verifying Google Authorship Markup for their blogs. And so what is Google Authorship Markup ? Google introduced this new feature called Google Authorship which allows bloggers to add an image of theirs by the side of the links in Google search results. This gives bloggers a greater identity. And so most of the bloggers started to verify their Authorship markup. A few of them thought that it was difficult and they left it. Here is a tutorial which shows you on how to verify Google authorship in blogspot blogs for a single author.

Well you can verify Google Authorship only if you link your articles to your about page of your blog which has a link to your Google Plus account. And you need to link back your Google plus account to your blog. This may sound weird. But believe me this is really easy and can be done in a few steps. The following image gives you a good understanding on what is said in this paragraph.

Things that you need to verify your Google Authorship are as follows :

  • Google Plus Account
  • An author box in your posts (will be shown how to add one)
  • An about page in your blog.

Adding An Author Box To Your Posts :

And so lets get started. The first thing that you need to add is an author info in all your posts and it should contain a link to your About Page with a rel="author"  tag. And so now lets add the author box with link to your Google Plus profile.

1.Login to your Blogspot Dashboard.

2.Go to Templates and Edit HTML.

3.Check Expand Widget Templates.

4.Find  the following code :


5. Add the following codes just above it.

#about-author {background: #FBFBFB;margin: 10px;padding: 10px;border: 1px solid #EBEBEB;overflow:auto;font-size:17px;font-family:Cambria;}
#about-author p {margin: 0;padding: 0;}
#author-image {background: #FFFFFF url(YOUR IMAGE TO APPEAR) no-repeat;float: left;height:64px;width:64px;margin: 0 10px 0 0;padding: 4px;border: 2px solid #E6E6E6;}
6. Replace YOUR IMAGE TO APPEAR with the URL of the image that you wanna appear in the author box.

7. Now find the following code.
8. Paste the following code just below it.

<!-- author -->
<div id='about-author'><div id='author-image'/>
<p><b>About Author</b><br/>YOUR BIO<br/><br/></p>
<p style='word-spacing: 2em;'>
<a href='GOOGLE + PROFILE URL' rel='author'>Google+</a> 
<a href=' USERNAME'>Facebook</a> 
<a href=' USERNAME'>Twitter</a>
<!-- author -->
9. Modify the above code to replace :

TWITTER USERNAME : Your Twitter Username

FACEBOOK USRENAME : Your Facebook Username

GOOGLE + PROFILE URL : Your Google Plus Profile URL

YOUR BIO : Your small biography.

10. Save the template and continue to the following.

Adding Google + Link with rel tag To Your About Page :

Now that you need to add a Google Plus profile URL with the rel tag  to your About page. To do so follow the below steps.

1. Go To pages and click on edit in the about page.

2. Go To HTML mode and add the following code replacing YOUR GOOGLE PLUS URL with the URL of your Google Plus account.

<a rel="me" href="YOUR GOOGLE PLUS URL">Catch me On Google Plus</a>
3. Save the page and proceed to the following step.

Adding Link In Your Google Plus Account :

Now you need to add a link back in your Google Plus account which redirects to your site. You need to add in the Contributor To section of your Google Plus account.

1. Login to your Google Plus account.

2. Navigate to your Profile.

3. Click on edit profile.

4. Switch to the About tab.

5. Scroll down to find the Contributor To section. And add a link to your blog in that. And then click on Done Editing to save your profile.

Now that you have shown your Authorship Markup. To confirm it follow the below steps :

  • Fire up your browser and navigate to this link.
  • In the text box provided enter any link to your post and click on preview
  • Below you can see the preview of how it appears in search results.
  • And below that you can see the status of your Google Authorship Verification.
  • If it doesn't show any error then you are all done. 
  • It would show your picture by the side of the preview.
Well that's all on how to verify your blog for Google Authorship. Got any doubts ? Post them below as comments. Happy blogging :)

Thursday, 3 May 2012

How To Add A Forum To Your Facebook Pages

Adding a forum to your Facebook page has become much important as it may be useful for much users to ask their questions and it would increase their love over your page. And so here is a good tutorial on how to add a forum to your Facebook page. And so lets get started. What I am actually doing here is creating a forum website and installing it in your facebook page as a tab which would enable your users to post their questions and discuss about it.

Requirements :
  • A web host (we will say on how to get it)
  • A Facebook Fan Page
Getting started :

The first thing that you are gonna need is a web host. The following is the name of the web host that I am gonna use for this tutorial.
  • Click on the image to go to the website.
  • Click on Sign Up.
  • Click on clients are in the top.
  • Choose "Order Hosting Only" in the following page.
  • In the next page click on Choose Plan next to the text FREE
  • Click on "I want to use a free subdomain." And in the text box below enter any name. Maybe the name of your Facebook fan page.
  • Make sure you select in the next field.
  • Click on Continue.
  • In the following page dont do any modifications and click on "Add To Cart".
  • Click on Checkout in the following page.
  • Complete the sign up. (Dont Panic this is COMPLETELY FREE)
  • Your account will be activated soon.
After Activation :

The thing that you need to do after activation of your Web Host is to install the Forums software in your website. To do so follow the below steps.
  • Login to your cPanel whose details will be given in the mail that you received on activation.
  • Find "Softaculous" in your cPanel and click on it.

5+ Ways To Promote Your Blog via Pinterest

Started back in 2010 Pinterest got a growing prominence in the early days of 2012 as it introduced "Link To Your Facebook Timeline". This also caught the attention of bloggers and so people started to join pinterest and promote their own blogs. The first thing that you need is a pinterest account. Dont have one ? Drop your mail ID in the comments section below and you will get your invitation to join pinterest as soon as possible. And so now as a blogger I tried to find ways to promote your blog via Pinterest. I found out some of the ways to promote your blog, I decided to share it with you guys. Below are some of the tricks to follow :

1. Usage of pictures :

Pinterest is a social network that is a picture based social network and so if you wanna promote your blog via pinterest then you MUST need pictures in your blog. Reports show that people on Pinterest are not much attracted towards in-complete pictures. For example you are making a tutorial on how to start your first wordpress blog. And if you add a picture like in the below to your post. If you pin them then people would surely not be attracted towards it.

2. Your blog readers will be bored with you posting on the same topic :

Take for example you are maintaining a food blog. If you keep on posting about stuff related to food then some of your readers would be bored. And so occasionally you should post something which even common people (common people in the sense the people who dont have interested in food blogs) too would like. The best topic that you can post is about some funny stuff. Fun is something that everyone will love. Post a picture which is much funny on your blog. And also pin it. People on pinterest have much desire towards fun. Every time you pin the picture that you have used on your blog a backlink will be provided to your post. This would give you a better page rank and your blog will be much SEO optimized and ultimately you will get more traffic.

3. Blogs related to Food, Pets, Fun are much gifted :

Blogs which are related to the categories mentioned above are much gifted. Eventhough they dont get much traffic via other social media's they would surely get loads of traffic if they make good use of pictures on their blog. Make use of pictures on your blog and pin them. People on pinterest have much interest towards these. And that Pets are ranking top in the table. Dont miss it. Start pinning !

4. The Best way to Promote for tech blogs :

If you maintain a tech blog like ours it would surely be difficult for you to promote on pinterest. The best way is to manage your pin boards. Take it as in the previous example you are posting an article on how to create your own wordpress blog, create a pin board in the same name and create pictures for each and every step and pin those pictures in that pin board. Make sure that the picture conveys what you have written in your post.

5. Gain more followers :

The key thing that you need to have to promote your blog on pinterest is to have a good number of followers. People would surely follow you back if you follow them. The thing that you need to note while following people is to follow people who have the same interest as yours. If you are maintaing a music blog follow someone who has interest in music.

6. Dont Spam your followers :

As mentioned before followers are very much important on pinterest and so dont spam your followers. Dont pin the pictures that is only on your blog. Everyone hates self promotion. So post every picture which you come across and you think would impress your followers.

7. Be an active member on Pinterest :

Last but not least you should be an active member on pinterest. Promoting with pinterest would be a bit difficult but dont lose your hope. Be an active member on pinterest. Keep of pinning something. Dont leave it eventhough your blog gets promoted a lot. Keep your followers engaged and make them like your pins, comment on it and also repin it.

I hope this article would have given your bloggers an overview on how to promote your blog on pinterest and also make use of it much efficiently. Happy Pinning !

List Of Things To Add In Your Facebook Page

Facebook Pages is the best way to promote your brand on Facebook. Almost every blogger has a Facebook page and he is promoting his blog via his Facebook Page. But people forget to customize it. And so here are a list of things that you can add to your Facebook page to make it more attractive. In order to follow this article you need to know how to create custom tabs to your Facebook page. Here is a good video from Mr.Amit Agarwal which explains you on how to add a custom tab to Facebook.

List Of Things To Add To Your Facebook Page

1. Twitter :

Twitter is the best social network standing next to Facebook. You must have a Twitter account to show your Tweets to the world. To make it more wider why dont you add a Twitter Tab to your Facebook Page. It is really good to add your twitter tweets to your Facebook page. Use the following code to add it to your Facebook Page.

<script charset="utf-8" src=""></script>
new TWTR.Widget({
version: 2,
type: 'profile',
rpp: 4,
interval: 30000,
width: 250,
height: 300,
theme: {
shell: {
background: '#333333',
color: '#ffffff'
tweets: {
background: '#000000',
color: '#ffffff',
links: '#4aed05'
features: {
scrollbar: false,
loop: false,
live: false,
behavior: 'all'
}).render().setUser('Your Username').start();

Replace Your Username with your Twitter username and add it to your Facebook Page.

2. Contact Form :

Most of the users who visit your page would like to contact you if your page is good. So why dont you make it easier for them to contact you. So better add a contact form to your Facebook page. Use the following website to create a contact form to your Facebook page.


Complete customizing your contact form and finally in the publish tab click on "Embed Tab" and you can get the HTML code using which you can add it to your Facebook page.

3. Your Feeds :

Eventhough you add the links to all your post on your Facebook page timeline you need to drag your Feeds so that your followers so that they can see the titles of your recent post and it would increase the chance for them to visit your blog.

To do so login to your Feedburner account. Navigate to Publicize > Buzz Boost and there customize the settings for the appearance of your feeds and then get the HTML code using which you can add it to your Facebook Page.

4. Forums :

Why dont you make it easier for your followers to ask their questions to the group and get their answers quicker ? Adding a forum to your Facebook page may be a bit complicated. And the tutorial would be a bit long and so I would write a separate article which would explain you on how to add a forum to your Facebook page.

5. Adding Group Chat :

Usually this is available only for Facebook groups. But why dont we make it available for pages too. Here is an application named as Clobby which would help you in doing this. It would just look like that of a Facebook Group's Chat.

Take a look at this application here.

6. You Tube :

Add a list of all your You Tube videos to your page. There is no other go you need to add it individually for each and every of your video. I would recommend you to add a bigger size so that your users are easily able to view the video right from your page without entering You Tube. Dont congest the page with stuff like ads and others. This would irritate your followers. Make it as clean as possible.

7. Welcome Tab :

This should have been the first but unfortunately the last. This welcome tab is much essential for each and every page. This should be like that of the About Page on your blog or website. Add your logo to it. Add a like box and a warm welcome message. Make sure it goes that much attractive that it tends users to like your Facebook page.

I hope I have given you guys a whole bunch of things that could be added to your Facebook page. Make sure you add all of those mentioned above. This is sure to boost your fans on Facebook. Happy Facebooking ! :)