Sunday, 4 September 2011

How to efficiently use Twitter | For bloggers.

Twitter is the best social media to make your blog more popular. Almost all the bloggers will surely have a twitter account. If you dont have one, then create one now. Its the most important part of blogging. Its not necessary for you to have more followers to drive traffic to your blog. There are also many other ways using which you can drive traffic using twitter. Here are some of the top ways using which you can get more more traffic via traffic.

Get to have atleast upto 100 followers : 

Yeah I told that its not necessary for you to have more followers. If you dont have more followers then you can implement the other steps mentioned below. Dont skip this. There are lots of ways to get lots of followers. The best one of that is to follow your fellow bloggers and they will surely follow you. But dont forget to follow people of same interest. If you are a tech blogger then it is no use if you have lots of followers who are politicians, actors or any other who is not a blogger ( I mean who do not have interest in technology). There are also a few other ways to get more followers. You can use services like twiends. Using twiends you can get thousands of followers within a day. But keep in mind to follow people of same interest.

Follow a few mentioned below :

There are a few people who use to add your links to their online papers if the post is really good. Most of these papers have a good alexa rank and so you get a backlink. Some of such are mentioned below :

Are you wondering how to find such guys. Its really a task to do. Follow the steps below to find such guys.

1. Open up your browser.

2. Navigate to this page.

3. Enter your blogs main topic in the search box.

4. Many results will turn up.

5. Click on one of the result and in the following page you will see many articles which will have the name of the publisher below each article. Click on that name.

6. Now you will be taken to a page where you can see all his details along with his Twitter profile URL. Click on the URL and follow him. That's it.

Following them is alone not enough :

Yeah following them alone is not enough. You have to make them alert about  your post. Until they follow you they cant see your tweet. But there are some other ways using which we can make them alert about it. So lets see on how to do it.

1. Make use of hash tags. This is very important. Such users will search for hash tags and add the best article to their paper. 

2. Is the number of characters not enough ? Then make about 3 to 4 tweets with a large number of has tags.

3. Mention them in your tweet. Mention each and every of such users so that atleast one may add your post to their paper.

4. Send a direct message to them. Send it to all of them

[TIP]  Use Tweet Guru to send a direct message to upto 12 twitter users at the same time.

Dont lose your followers :

Followers are also important in getting more traffic. Seeing your link there is also a chance for your followers to view it. So dont lose your followers. The ways you may lose your followers :

1. If your are not active on twitter.

Solution : Tweet often. Reply to all your mentions. Reply to DM messages that are not spams.

2. If you dont follow back your followers.

Solution : Follow back each and every of your follower.

The above are the two mass ways by which you may lose followers. And the solutions are also given. Following the solutions will surely reduce the number of users un-following you.

Will my post be mentioned in their papers. Is that guaranteed ?

Yes your posts will surely be in their papers if your post is genuine, good, is of atleast 200-300 words and of course your post must impress them.

Well I have covered an idea of how to get more traffic using twitter. Hope these tips helped you a lot. Dont forget to follow me on twitter :D. Happy twittering...