Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Login to multiple google talk accounts in a time.

Hello guys. Most of you might have multiple gmail accounts. If you dont have any overlapping contacts in each account then if you wanna chat with a friend on account A you have to log out from account B and then again login to account A. It would be frustrating to do it.=

With Disgby, you can chat with multiple Gmail IDs simultaneously in one client. You can even switch to offline or invisible modes, a privilege currently not available in the standard Google Talk client.

Best of all, you can use the same Disgby client to read Facebook messages and Twitter updates and connect with yahoo, msn and so on. Highly recommended and it is also a free tool. And it is also available for windows, mac and also linux.

Download Digsby from here.


Monday, 16 May 2011

Android vs iOS - Infographics

Hello guys. Today in this world most of the people are searching for the topic Android vs iOS. So here is an infograph created bu Xproweb which tells about the topic Android vs iOS.

Hope you guys enjoyed :P

Sunday, 15 May 2011

How to take a backup of your mails and place it in your system ?


Hello guys. Many people in this world use mailing system these days. And most of them use it seriously and so if they lost a single mail or if they delete any mail by mistake they may get a great loss. So here is a way to take a backup of your mails from a mailing system to your PC which will be secure.

The tool (Mail Store) will pull your email messages from all these places into a central location. If you have a large mailbox, you may specify criteria to skip emails that are older than ‘n’ days. It skips the Spam and Junk folders by default but you may also manually specify any folders /labels that you wish to include (or exclude) from the backup.

And there is a more convenient search box which will let you search any mail in your inbox. And you can copy the mail store folder to your USB pendrive. . See below for the download link and also the step to step guide to use it.

1. Download Mail Store from the following link.


2. After downloading install it and open the app.

3. Click on Accept button.

4. In the next window click on "create a new mail archive option" and select the path where you want your mails to display. And then click ok.

5. Now Mail store will open.

6. Click on Archive E-mail option from the home page.

7. In the list that is available in the top right click on "Google Mail".

8. There enter your Mail ID and your password. And then click on next.

9. In the following window enter any name for your setting and then click on Finish.

10. It will now initialize and will pull all the mails from your inbox and your labels. Wait for it to complete. The time taken for it depends on the number of mails you have in your inbox and other labels.

11. And now you will see a message of your successful import of your mails. Click on close.

12. Now go to the starting page by clicking the start icon in the top right.

13. In the start up page click on Export Email.

14. There click on Directory Option. And there click on EML file. And click on the mail id that you imported earlier. And then click on next button.

15. In the following window choose your output folder and then click Next and in the following window click Finish.

16. Now your mails will get exported and now you have all your mails in EML format in your destination folder.

17. Download EML file viewer using the following link to view your mails.


18. And that it if you visit the destination that you entered in step 4 you will see a backup of your mails.

I hope I helped you. Enjoy :P

Friday, 13 May 2011

How to use your mobile as a wireless webcam !

Hello guys. You might be excited at the topic. Many if the people in India dont have a webcam and they might want to have one. But they might not be able to buy it because of some reason. So here is a way to use your mobile as a wireless webcam. The things that you need is a Bluetooth system in your PC. Or you can even a Bluetooth device and fix it in your PC which might cost just Rs.100 or something like that. So now you have your Bluetooth device and now enable Bluetooth in your mobile and also in your PC. Then follow the below steps

Thursday, 12 May 2011

How to get premium download speeds for free in Rapidshare.

Hello guys. I think you people must be excited to see this topic. And yes this is true. You can get premium download speeds for free not only from Rapidshare but also from megaupload, hotfile, fileserve etc !! Waiting is really a boring job in rapidshare and such other websites . So now you can get your downloads and very fast speeds and also you can get it without waiting a second. So now you might a eager to know the way to do it. And here is the way. Just go to any of the following websites and enter the URL of the corresponding file that you wanna download...

How to upgrade your RAM for free ?

Hello guys. As the technology is increasing many people are starting to use faster and faster computers. But some people may have their old good computer ( just like me) and you may want to speed up your computer, for which you might be searching for many ideas and you may finally result in failiure . But now you are not so. You have come to the right place to download a software using which you can upgrade your RAM and which will result in speeding up of your computer. It actually does not increase your RAM but it cleans all the unwanted files in your RAM and it will clean up your RAM resulting in the speeding up of your system. For other details see below...

Monday, 9 May 2011

How to make your Gmail account more protective.

Hello guys. As Gmail is becoming more popular these years and almost there are no people in the world who do not have a gmail account. And so many people are trying to hack Gmail accounts. And recently even one of my friend got his gmail account hacked. So many have started to ask me some tips to protect their gmail account from being hacked. Here are some tips that protect your account from being hacked...

Google's prediction of the future - Infographics

Prediction of future is very very common these days and many people are eager to know about their future. According to the predictions of the Mayans and Michel de Nostredame many people beleive that the world will end in the year 2010 and they tell that the recent earthquake in Japan is the beginning of the end.

But do you know what Google says about the future, an infographics created by xkcd.com shows us what will happen for the next 90 years till 2101...