Wednesday, 27 July 2011

How to star posts in Google plus.

Google plus is now evolving as a great social networking site and it has now crossed the 10000 milestone in the number of members in it. But facebook took upto 800 days to cross this milestone. So Google plus is considered as a Facebook killer by most of the people but a few think that Google has copied facebook. Yes of course it has copied some features but there are many new excellent features in Google plus and the best one is Huddles. So lets come to the topic.

Most of you must be in Gmail by this time and so you will surely know about the starring option which you can use to star some of your mails that you like and so that you can access those mails easily whenever you need it.

So why dont you star posts in Google plus. Yes ! you can do this easily. Here is a simple chrome extension that enables you to star posts in Google plus.

Install Circle star chrome extension that you can find here.

After you have installed it you are ready to go now.  But just take a look at the below points to use it more easily.

1. For seeing it in action just login to your google plus account and allow it to load completely.

2. After it has loaded completely you will find a star button to the right of the button. Just click on it to star it.

3. After you have starred it you will find the starred posts in the right sidebar just above the "People in your circles" tab.

4. Those starred posts will be available in the right sidebar so that anytime you can access that post by just click on the topic.

5. The disadvantage is that the newer posts that come into the stream dont have the star button and so you will have to reload the page each and everytime a new post comes in and if you wanna star it.

And thats it Happy starring. Any problems just post your comment about it.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

How to get back old facebook profile view ?

Facebook has recently changed its theme. Most of the people think that its awkward. In the past few weeks facebook is making some constant changes as its competitor Google plus is evolving like anything. So facebook has changed its theme and introduced video chat and even changed the appearance of the chat system. And even apps were created that supported hangouts for upto 20 friends [Take a look at my previous post]. But some of these changes are not good. So some of them might try to roll it back to the old one. Here is a tweak to change your facebook profile theme to the older one.

Note that in this tutorial you will be deactivating your account and reactivating it. If you are an admin of any page make some one else as the admin and again ask them to make you as the admin when you reactivate the account because you will your admin power if you deactivate and reactivate your account.

1. Fire up your browser and login to your facebook account.

2. Click on the the accounts link on the top right and navigate to your account settings.

3. At the bottom most you will find Deactivate link. Click on that

4. Now facebook will ask the reason why you are deactivating your account.

5. There will be a list of options that they give by default. Click on the option that says "This is temporary and I'll be back".

6. DONT fill any other options.

7. Now facebook will give you a captcha to resolve and will ask for your password. Enter both and you will now be logged out of your facebook account with a message saying that "We hope you will be back soon".

8. Wait for 10 - 20 minutes and login to your account with the same username and password that you used. Now your account will be re-activated and you will find that your profile will have the old good theme and there will be no more irritating floating top bars.

Hope I helped in getting back your old facebook theme. Post your issues and views as comments...

"Social Hangouts" unevils group video chat for Facebook.

Google plus is now emerging as a huge competitor for facebook and so facebook is now trying to do some changes in facebook so that the users dont migrate from facebook to google plus. There are lots of advantages in Google plus. The most important among them is the group video chat or the hangouts. Facebook has introduced video chat with Skype but the disadvantage is that it is only one-one video chat. But in hangouts upto 10 members can join the chat. But are you a crazy fan of facebook. Then here comes a new application for facebook that helps you to do a hangout with your friends.

1. Lets consider that you already have a facebook account. Login to your facebook account and go to this page.

2. Click on the "Go to App" link on the top.

3. And now you will be asked for permission to access the application. Click the allow button.

4. Now you will be taken to the application page. There click on the Start Hangout link the middle.

5. Now click the Invite Friends button in the top right and invite your friends whom you wanna video chat with.

The facebook's skype powered video chat failed to create an impression in the minds of the users. But however this application is getting some fame and popularity and so which makes facebook stand in the fight against google plus.

The advantage of using this service over google's hangouts is that it supports upto 20 users to chat at the same time and so facebook comes up in this fight. But this is not an official product of facebook.

So facebook is making even more changes most of which are awkward like those floating top bar in the home page and that stupid chat system.

Hey facebook try to make some good changes and not like those of that awkward changes.

Hope this was an useful tip. Post your reviews as comments.....

How to find who has removed you from their circle in google plus.

Google + is now becoming an emerging social network and it is considered as an facebook. But the drawback in both facebook and google + is that you cant find who has un-friended you and also who kicked you out of their circle. Google + and facebook dint wanted you to make feel bad that they have un-friended you or they have kicked you out of their circle. But still if you wanted to know it here is a way to do it.

1. First of all navigate to this page.

2. Click on the install button over there.

3. If you have not already installed kyntex on your browser then it will ask you to install it. Just download and install it.

4. Now you have to create a account in kyntex to install the app.

5. But dont worry this is not a long process. You can even login with your google or facebook account.

6. After you have logged in click on the install button below the title "Google Minus".

 7. And now that you have installed it. And now you MUST reload google plus for the effects to take place.

8. When you are logged in to your google plus account and when some one removes you out of their circle you will get a notification in the top right corner of your browser saying that he has removed you out of his circle.

Dont have an Google plus account. Just contact me to grab an invitation !!!!

In the same way you can also install other kyntex apps which also includes facebook unfriend finder. My most favorite apps are google minus, facebook unfriend finder and plus one any where. These are the best apps of all time by kyntex.

That's it. Hope this was a helpful post and also dont forget to share your views in the comments...

Friday, 22 July 2011

How to add your site to Google News.

Have you ever imagined of this topic. This is really one of the best way to boost your traffic within one night. But adding it is a bit difficult task and google has to approve your site for it.

Here is how you can apply for adding your site to Google news.

1. Go to this link.

2. Click on the send us link in the first line.

3. In the following page click yes for the first question.

4. And so answer all the questions.

5. After you have answered the fourth question a form will appear below.

6. Fill up that form carefully and give all the correct details so that only your websites news will be added.

7. Note that Authors page and Contact Us page's are essential.

8. [TIP] While giving the URL for the news section give the URL's of all the category pages of your blog so that all the topics will be pulled.

9. Finally enter your contact information and submit the form.

And thats it now you have submitted your blog for approval. Your blog's content must be excellent for getting a positive response. But be patient. You will get the response within a time of two days. Patience is the keyword in Google.

The following are the advantages if your blog got approved :

1. You will get millions and millions if people seeing your post because there are lots of people out there who often sit in front of Google news.

2. Another important advantage is that your blog will become more SEO friendly and so they will easy be shown up within the top 10 results.

3. Google plus now becoming more popular and it has got more than 10 million users in just a month of time. Most of you by this time may be on google plus and most of you might have known about SPARKS. Those sparks news are taken from Google News and hence your blog posts will be shown up even there.

4. Huge traffic means more comments, more subscribers and even more MONEY !!!

Hope this was a useful tutorial. Good Luck in getting an approval for Google News.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Add a "Login with facebook" button to your blog.

Ever thought of adding a registration system to your blog so that your viewers can login to your blog ? In wordpress it can be done just by enabling an option in the settings. But the normal registration system may not be appearing very good to you. So you can add a Login with facebook button to your blog. Here is the tutorial for doing that. It is the same for both blogger and wordpress.

1. First of all login to your facebook account.

2. Now your browser to this page.

3. Enter the name of your site and its URL and then click on the Create app button. Dont forget that the URL must end with a trailing slash.

4. Enter the security codes and submit.

5. Now in the following page you can see your API key. Just take a copy of the code and keep it safe in your HDD.

6. Now navigate to this page.

7. Click on the get code button in that page.

8. You will get a code just like the following :

<div id="fb-root"></div><script src="*****************&amp;xfbml=1"></script><fb:login-button show-faces="true" width="200" max-rows="1"></fb:login-button>
The only difference will be that the asterix's  will be replaced with your own app ID that you got in step 5.

9. Now just add these codes to your blog and that's it you now have your own "Login With Facebook" button and now your viewers can login to your site using their facebook account.

And thats it. Hope this was a helpful tutorial. Meet you in the next post. Post your reviews or your doubts as a comments. :)



Saturday, 16 July 2011

Top 6 tools for bloggers.

Bloggers community is becoming larger day by day. So are the number of applications that are available for bloggers. Here are a list of some awesome resources that will be really useful for bloggers.

Bloggers Resource :

1. Touch Graph :

This resource is something different from other resources. This tool will let you to see the network of connections to your site in the format of a graph. This would really be very attractive to you. Just give it a try.

Link :

2. Blog Backup :

Its really a great tool that all bloggers must use. This tool takes a backup of your blog if you have registered and the registration is very very simple and your backup job is done in a click of single button.

Link :

3. Who is linking to me :

This is a tool that adds a widget to your blog that will show up the latest 5 links to your blog which is generated via technorati. This will be useful as the viewers might know that there are much links to your blog. You can also customize the way it appears so that it suits your blogs appearance. Add it using the link below.

Link :

4. Measure It ! :

You might have often measured the dimensions of your logo or your sidebar so that you can create a widget for your blog. It might be very difficult for you to measure the dimensions of your widget area. Here is a chrome extension that helps you to measure the dimension of anything all over the browser. This is really a handy tool for a blogger.

Link : Measure It !

5. Social Marker :

This is really a great social bookmarking tool that will bookmark the URL that you enter to exactly 50 social sites and other bookmarking sites. The best way to get traffic is to submit the URL of each and every post of yours to this site which will greatly increase your traffic in one night.

Link :

6. Windows Live Writer :

Are you on a long vacation and cant you access the internet. Here is an offline editor for your blog and it supports almost all the famous blogging platforms like blogspot and wordpress. So dont forget your blog even during a  vacation. Download windows live writer using the link below.

Link :

Out of all the above 6 tools the favorite of my is social marker as it helps me to get great traffic and secondly windows live writer. Whats your favorite mention it in comments....

Friday, 15 July 2011

Top 5 Surefire ways to get backlinks for your blog.

Getting backlinks are very important if you are a blogger. Blogging is more common these days and so most of the people are blogging. But many bloggers are new just like me and most of them dont know how to make their blog more popular and so they start to suffer and eventually they start to hate blogging. Getting backlinks will make your blog more more popular and you can easily get backlinks from other blogs. Here are some of the ways to get more backlinks.

1. Commenting on other blogs :

Commenting on other blogs is the best way to get more more backlinks. Before you comment on other blogs make sure that those blogs are comment luv enabled. If they are comment luv enabled then when you comment on their blog make sure that you enter your feed address in the website text box. So that a topic from your feed will show up below your comment and so a backlink for you.

2. Join Forums :

Joining in forums a easy way of getting backlinks. Join in popular forums like Digital Point and browse questions in the topic that you know well. Search a good question. Make your answer as a post for that question and give the link of that post as a reply to that thread. I am implementing this particular step and I get lots of traffic so.

3. Join Social Sites (MOST IMPORTANT : GOOGLE PLUS):

Join all the available social sites. The very popular social sites that a blogger needs to join includes google plus, facebook, twitter and linked in. Google plus is really the best way to make it more popular. Add lots and lots of people to your circle and share each and every of your blog posts link so that it will be showed to each and every one in your circle. And also use to show up your posts to facebook and twitter.

Want a google plus. Just contact me. (

4. Add your site to directories :

Add your sites to all the available directories in the internet. Create a feed for your blog and and it to all the available feed directories. Most of these directories will have a good alexa rank and so you can easily get more traffic from those back links.

5. Google webmasters tools :

Make good use of google webmasters tools. Create a sitemap for your site and submit it to webmasters tools. It will index your pages to google and soo you can get your site indexed in google and so your site will come up in searches and so a really good back link which would give you some great traffic.

Here is how you can integrate your blog with webmasters tools.

And thats it. Hope this tutorial to get backlinks was really useful. Meet you in the next post. :)

Integrating Google webmasters tools and its benefits.

Hello guys. Most of the bloggers must have heard about google web masters tools. And many may not know the uses of webmasters tools. It can help you to get loads and loads of traffic if you use correct keywords or tags. And lets see on how to use webmasters tools to get tons of traffic to your site.

Integrating your site with webmasters tools :

Integrating is the most important part of using webmasters tools. If you have integrated properly then you are ready to go off.

1. First of all go to Google webmasters tools official website.

2. Sign in with your google account.

3. Now you are in your homepage. There click on the Add site button.

4. Enter the URL in the text field that comes down.

5. Then they will ask you to verify your account. Use the recommended method if you use wordpress as your blogging platform. Use the alternate method if you use blogger or typepad or any other platform since you dont have access to your root directory.

6. After you have verified you will now be in your dashboard.

In the dashboard you can explore many wonderful uses of webmasters tools. You can find many things like Search queries, Links to your site, Sitemaps, Keywords etc. But here comes the most important use using which you can get heaps of traffic.

Generating and submitting your sitemap :

Many people may think that there is no use for sitemaps. But they are not correct. They play a huge role in getting traffic to your site. Just take a look below.

Generating a sitemap :

And now here coming to the most important part. Generating a sitemap. Generating a sitemap is very very simple.

For Wordpress :

Wordpress users. Again a plugin does the whole job for you. I use Google XML sitemap generator plugin for doing this job.

Download this plugin here.

Every time you have written a post, just navigate to Settings > XML - Sitemap and click on the rebuild sitemap link to keep your sitemap fresh.

For Blogger :

For blogger users the sitemap is located at "" where yourname is replaced by the name of your blog. Actually a sitemap is a thing that contains all the links of your page, I mean the links of each and every page in your blog. But blogger blogs sitemaps contains only the latest 26 links and not the others.

Follow these steps to create a complete sitemap for your blog :

1. First of all go here.

2. Enter your blogs address and click on "Create a Sitemap" button.

Note : While entering the blogs URL check whether you have entered http:// and also a trailing slash. There should be no space before, after and in-between the URL. If you left a space then you cannot see your sitemap.

3. Now You can see a screen where you have three topics named as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Click on all the links below Yahoo and Bing. And copy the text below google which is the link to your sitemap and paste in separately in your notepad.

Submitting The Sitemap :

Now that we have created our sitemap. The thing that we should do know is to submit our sitemap. For doing this follow the steps below :

1. Login to your webmasters tools account.

2. At the bottom you can see the URL of your website. Click on that.

3. Now that you are in your dashboard.

4. In the left sidebar navigate to Site Configuration > Sitemap.

5. There click on the submit sitemap button.

6. In the text box that comes down enter the path to your sitemap.

Wordpress Users - Enter "sitemap.xml" without quotes.

Blogger Users - Enter the path that you have copied in your notepad.

7. And click on submit sitemap.

Now that you have submitted your sitemap. Every time you write a post generate the sitemap and submit it. Note that you should generate the sitemap after every time you have written a post.

And thats it you have now configured your webmasters tools account. Enjoy having great traffic :) :P

Thursday, 14 July 2011

How to send a direct message to any 12 of your twitter followers

Twitter is really a good social networking site if you are a blogger and also if you have more followers. Twitter was mainly created for publicizing your brand and here it is your blog. So sending a direct message to all your followers which will surely increase your traffic. There are lots of ways available for sending direct messages. But most of them cost you a lot. Here is a free way using which you can send direct messages to all your followers.

1. First of all point your browser to Tweet Guru.

2. Sign in with your twitter account.

3. Now enter all the twitter that you wanna send a message.

4. And enter the username and also enter your message and you can use only upto 140 characters.

Everything has a limit. You can send only a message for upto 12 recipients. But you can send the messages any number of times.

Hope that was a useful trick. Meet you in the next post :)

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Creating a chrome extension for showing up your feed.

Creating a feed is really a very important part of blogging so that your readers could subscribe to your feeds and they can easily get it right into their inbox. So almost each and every blogger would have his or her own feed. Everyone is familiar with google chrome which is a browser by google and it is the fastest browser when compared to other browsers like safari and firefox. Many people in this world use chrome as their default browser. So here is a way using which you can create a chrome extension by which your readers can easily see the latest topic of your blog right from their browser.

1. First of all you must have a fully working feed (Must be created using feedburner).

2. After you have setup your feed navigate to Publicize > BuzzBoost.

3. In the upcoming page choose all  your preferences and click on the save button.

4. Now you will get a javascript code which you are going to use in creating the extension. Copy that code to your notepad.

5. Open up your favorite text editor and paste the following codes in it :
"name": "Cyber Freaks",
"version": "1.0",
"description": "Latest blog post feeds of Cyber Freaks",
"browser_action": {
"default_icon": "favicon.jpg",
"popup": "popup.html"


Modify the name and the description to your own name and description. (Most recommended to use your blogs name as you are gonna create a extension for your blogs feed.)

Save the file with the name manifest.json

6. Now open up another notepad file and dump the following code into it :
<div id="my-blog">BUZZ BOOST SCRIPT</div>

Replace BUZZ BOOST SCRIPT with the code snippet that you got in that buzz boost page of feedburner.

Save this file as popup.html.

7. Now put the above two files in a new folder with the name of your extension.

Now you have to integrate it. For that :

1. Open up your browser (only chrome). Click on the wrench icon and navigate to Tools > Extensions.

2. There you will a + icon in the top right near developers mode. Click on it.

3.  Click on "Load Unpacked extension".

4. Now browse for your folder from your hard-drive. (Note : Place a a image file that you wish to make it appear as favicon.jpg within the folder)

5. And thats it now you can see a preview of your extension in your own browser.

Now just open up chrome web store and upload your extension there and publicize your extension.

Hope this was a helpful tutorial. Happy blogging day.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Tracking the number of visits from corresponding sites | Google Analytics

In my previous post I have told about tracking the social shares by a simple wordpress plugin named Social Metrics. [Link to my previous post]. Wordpress is really a good blogging software and it is really popular and so lots and lots of plugins are available for it to customize it even tracking social shares. But plugins are not available for blogger as those blogs are automatically hosted by google and so they cannot upload each and every plugin that they ask and more-over no plugins are available for it. And now coming to the topic you can easily track the number of visits from your favorite sites using google analytics. Follow the steps to track it both for blogger and even for HTML pages :

1. First of all you must have a completely setup analytics account and it must be properly working. You can easily integrate analytics into blogger and even HTML pages.

2. Now open up the page where you see the stats of your blog and click on the "Advance Segments" link on the left sidebar under "My Customizations"


3. In the following page click on the create one link.

4. In the following page you will see a dotted box named as dimension or metrics. In the left side bar you will see a box named dimesions. Within it you will have a sub-topic named as Traffic Sources. Click on that and in that you will "Sources". Drag the sources and add it in the dotted box.

After you have dragged it you should see two other fields near it named as Condition and Value. Under condition select "Contains". And in the value field enter the URL of the site from which you wanna track the visits.

And you can add any number of sources to your site by dragging the Source from dimension and dropping it into the dotted box. You can create any number of dotted boxes by clicking on "add "or" statement".

And finally after completing all your page should look something like as follows :

And now enter a name for your segment and click on create segment button below.

And thats it you have now completed setting up the complete setup. Now when you wanna see the traffic coming from corresponding sites from your dashboard navigating to My Customizations > Advanced Segments > Your-Segment-Name.

And this option can also be used for tracking the shares of your corresponding. That is only if they share your posts in a social site, say for ex : facebook, they can visit your post. There is a no chance of direct traffic to your post. So if you have more visits from a social site then visitors are often sharing your posts in the particular social site.

Hope this post was really useful to you guys.  Dont forget to leave a feedback and also please do subscribe for us....

How to track social network shares within wordpress.

Social networks are really a great way of publishing your blog and so almost each and every blogger would have added social network share buttons to your blog below each and every post. But how do you know the number of shares of your post. Yes there is a way to know it.  So here is a wordpress plugin that helps you to track the number of shares for your social networking sites.

Introducing Social Metrics :

This is really a great plugin that helps you to know the exact number of shares your users have made right into your wordpress dashboard. And the big plus point is that it is free and supports many popular social networks like facebook, twitter, google plus, linked in etc. Below is a screen-shot of the plugin.

And another thing is that you have to add your own social network icons below your posts to find the number of shares of your posts. The best plugin for adding social media icons is Digg Digg. Download it here.

There are some really cool features included in it. They are as follows :

  • You can easily switch between posts and even pages.

  • You can change the number of posts to be shown.

  • And this is the most cool feature - If you have forgot to share it in any of the social network and then you can easily share it right from this place.

And yes below is the download link for this plugin created by Riyaz-net.

And thats it. Hope this was a good post. Please dont forget to comment and also subscribe to us.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Become Invisible in Gtalk.

Gtalk is the most used gmail client these days. There are lot of features in it. But in it we miss a great feature when compared to the chat which we can use directly use in gmail. That is becoming invisible. As many of the people know you cannot be invisible in Gtalk and so you cannot escape from friends who you hate. Usually you can only use the following statuses in Gtalk.

This is really a disappointing situation. But here is a solution for this problem. You can go to invisible mode using Gtalk Labs edition which is an experimental release of Gtalk normal edition. It has all the features of Gtalk and even the appearance resembles Gtalk.

1. Download Gtalk Labs edition from here and install it.

2. Open it and sign in with your gmail account.

3. In the place where you select the status you can also find a status named as invisible.

4. Select that and thats it you are now invisible in gtalk.

Note : If you are still signed in to chat from gmail then you will see an error saying "You are not invisible you are logged into Google talk from other client or device or location that does not support invisibility." To prevent this error sign out of chat from your gmail chat.

Hope you enjoyed this post. If so dont forget to leave a comment below and also subscribe to our feed to get updates from us.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Top 3 jQuery plugins for wordpress blogs.

Today wordpress is the best blogging platform that many many big blogs like mashable use. And there are even lots of plugins that are available for wordpress. But jQuery plugins are something special from other plugins. Those plugins are preferred by bloggers mainly because of their stylishness and their appearance. So here is a list of top 3 jQuery that are very common and are also free of cost.

3. Polaroid Gallery : 

This Jquery plugin is really a great plugin that helps you if you are a photo blogger. It is like a photo previewer and its really awesome. And this also loads at a great speed. This plugin also adds a description about your photo below the photo.


2. Smooth Slider :

It is just a featured post slider and its really better than other sliders. It is easily customizable and as the name suggests it really slides smoothly.

                               DOWNLOAD IT HERE                                  

1. Smilies Themer Toolbar :

This is really one of the coolest jquery plugin that you can use. It shows a list of available smilies below the comment box.

            DOWNLOAD IT HERE               

And thats it. Hope this post was helpful to you guys and I hope you liked the above plugins. Enjoy blogging :)

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!