Thursday, 3 May 2012

3 Crazy Ways To Get Visitors To Your Blog

Traffic is the thing that everyone in this blogging field need and they would love to have traffic to their site. The best way to attain traffic is obviously SEO optimizing your site. But that has been considered as time consuming and a bit difficult by some of the newbies. What they needed at that time was patience which they dint have. But still there is a solution for these bloggers. You can attain traffic by other ways too and I am sure that by following those tricks your blog will run good soon and they are also liked by search engine bots so that they crawl your site soon. When I surfed over the web I found some of the tricks that could help you to boost your sites visibility apart from SEO. The following are some of the ways.

1. Social Bookmarking :

This is the top way next to SEO to get traffic. All you need to have is an account in that respective social bookmarking site and you need to have some good followers. But followers dont matter in a few social bookmarking sites like that of Stumble upon. The following are a list good social bookmarking sites that you need to be a part of and a small description about each of them.

Stumble Upon :

Stumble Upon is the top social bookmarking site according to me. If your site has content related to hacking or fun or like that of movies then this site is sure to help you to get loads of traffic. What you do is just add your links to this site and you have to add tags and the appropriate category to which your post belongs to and the rest will be done by them. Earlier when I maintained a hacking site I got about 2000's of traffic from this site every day. But this would also be helpful for other category bloggers too.

Digg :

The most interesting thing about digg is the presence of Newsrooms where you can digg your post and so that it reaches millions of people in just a click. The only thing that you need to do is to digg your post in a correct newsroom and that you cant digg the same link in different newsroom. You can post them in only a single newsroom. So be wise to choose among the available newsrooms. You need to make the title so catchy so that it tends the users to visit your site.

Technorati :

This is a blog directory where you can add your blog and the rest of the work will be done by them. I donot know much about technorati but people say that it is essential for every blogger to have a technorati account to get a good sum of traffic.

Slashdot :

This is really a cool site. This is like that of an article submission site. This site can help you get loads of traffic. You need to add the entire content of your article there and you can add a link back to your article so that who visit that article on slashdot may note down your URL and may visit your site. This site would be helpful only if your article is of good quality.

2. Usage of Tumblr :

 Tumblr is the top method suggested by thousands of bloggers as the best method to get a bunch of backlinks from PR 7 and PR 6 blogs.

Usage of Tumblr to Get Backlinks from PR 7 and PR 6 blogs would be my next article. This is a bit long tutorial and so I would make it as a separate. But have damn sure that it would the most effective and easiest way to get backlinks from high PR ranking sites.

3. Blog Commenting :

Blog commenting is also an effective way to get backlinks and of course traffics from good ranking sites with good traffic. But make sure before commenting that the blog is ranking good and the most important that it is a Do  Follow blog and a blog which has comment luv enabled.

Well I hope that this was a good tutorial which would help you to get good amount of traffic and so optimize your blog for SEO. I would surely add a tutorial on how to use tumblr for getting good amount of backlinks. Happy Blogging ! :)