Thursday, 14 July 2011

How to send a direct message to any 12 of your twitter followers

Twitter is really a good social networking site if you are a blogger and also if you have more followers. Twitter was mainly created for publicizing your brand and here it is your blog. So sending a direct message to all your followers which will surely increase your traffic. There are lots of ways available for sending direct messages. But most of them cost you a lot. Here is a free way using which you can send direct messages to all your followers.

1. First of all point your browser to Tweet Guru.

2. Sign in with your twitter account.

3. Now enter all the twitter that you wanna send a message.

4. And enter the username and also enter your message and you can use only upto 140 characters.

Everything has a limit. You can send only a message for upto 12 recipients. But you can send the messages any number of times.

Hope that was a useful trick. Meet you in the next post :)