Monday, 7 May 2012

How To Generate Quality Backlinks To Your Site In Seconds

Blogging has been a hobby for most of the people out there. Most of them suffer due to less amount of traffic. But still today there are effective ways to generate good amount of backlinks.There are lots of ways to generate good amount of backlinks but the most effective of them being Tumblr. Tumblr is a blogging platform which people use mostly for personal purposes. I mean for personal blogs and its the best for photography blogs.

There are actually two ways to generate backlinks from tumblr. I have discussed about both of them here. These backlinks may not generate you good traffic directly. But having backlinks from high PR sites would increase your PR and it would lead to your articles being ranked at the top position in search engine results and would indirectly generate you traffic. So now lets see those two ways.

Re-blogging and liking other posts :

Before following this method you need to do some changes with regard to your settings. This is the most important step in that and if you fail to do that you will not generate backlinks to your blog. Below I have shown you on what you need to change in your settings and how to do it.

1. Login to your Tumblr account.

2. Navigate to the Blog Settings page.

3. There you can find a checkbox saying "Use Custom Domain Name". Check that box and below would appear a text in which you need to add the domain of your blog.

4. Now scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the save button.

Now that you have made all changes to your settings page and now the next thing that you need to do is to generate back links to your site. This can be done either by liking other tumblr site's posts or by re-blogging them. I would recommend you to like other posts as it can be done in one click whereas re-blogging them requires two clicks and it would consume some time.

The next thing is to find good PR blogs. This can be done with the help of a plugin called as SEO quake which can be added to Chrome, Firefox, Opera and also Safari. You can download for the respective browsers from the following links.

And so now lets get started in the process of finding good PR blogs. To do so follow the steps below : 

1. Navigate your browser to Google.

2. In the search box type in the following "like this"
3. You will get the results. Just wait for a moment and now the plugin which you installed would show its magic. It would show the PR of the resulting links along with other details.

4. Click on the blog which has a high PR. It would redirect you to that respective blog. Click on any of the post there. As you are logged in to tumblr it would show you a few buttons at the top right of the blog. There you can find a heart symbol. Click on that. It would turn red indicating that you have liked that particular post you are on.

5. Wait for a few seconds and reload the page a couple of times. Now scroll down to the end of the post. You can see some like your-username liked this where your-username would be replaced with your username. And when you click on your username it would take it to your blog.

And Hurray ! you have generated a good quality backlink from a good PR blog. Using this method could rapidly increase your traffic even in days. Use this method to generate atleast 10 backlinks per day.

The Other Method :

This method would generate direct backlink from Tumblr. This is just like posting a small snippet of your post to your tumblr blog. This would generate you baclink from Tumblr which is a PR 8 website !

You MUST use different tumblr accounts to follow both the methods mentioned above. As in the first method you just change the setting which says use a custom domain but you are not changing anything with regard to your name servers.

There is an easy way to follow this method. There are lots of websites round the web which would post about your latest article to your Facebook page, Twitter etc. One of the website is This site also has an option to add this post to your tumblr blog.

 This would help you in easily add about it to your Tumblr blog just like you do it to your Facebook page and to your Twitter.

So just go sign up at and follow the steps prescribed by them and add Tumblr to the services where your articles would be posted.

And so I hope that I helped you guys on How to Generate Quality Backlinks in just seconds. Post your doubts below as comments. Happly Blogging :) !