Saturday, 23 July 2011

"Social Hangouts" unevils group video chat for Facebook.

Google plus is now emerging as a huge competitor for facebook and so facebook is now trying to do some changes in facebook so that the users dont migrate from facebook to google plus. There are lots of advantages in Google plus. The most important among them is the group video chat or the hangouts. Facebook has introduced video chat with Skype but the disadvantage is that it is only one-one video chat. But in hangouts upto 10 members can join the chat. But are you a crazy fan of facebook. Then here comes a new application for facebook that helps you to do a hangout with your friends.

1. Lets consider that you already have a facebook account. Login to your facebook account and go to this page.

2. Click on the "Go to App" link on the top.

3. And now you will be asked for permission to access the application. Click the allow button.

4. Now you will be taken to the application page. There click on the Start Hangout link the middle.

5. Now click the Invite Friends button in the top right and invite your friends whom you wanna video chat with.

The facebook's skype powered video chat failed to create an impression in the minds of the users. But however this application is getting some fame and popularity and so which makes facebook stand in the fight against google plus.

The advantage of using this service over google's hangouts is that it supports upto 20 users to chat at the same time and so facebook comes up in this fight. But this is not an official product of facebook.

So facebook is making even more changes most of which are awkward like those floating top bar in the home page and that stupid chat system.

Hey facebook try to make some good changes and not like those of that awkward changes.

Hope this was an useful tip. Post your reviews as comments.....