Thursday, 3 May 2012

5+ Ways To Promote Your Blog via Pinterest

Started back in 2010 Pinterest got a growing prominence in the early days of 2012 as it introduced "Link To Your Facebook Timeline". This also caught the attention of bloggers and so people started to join pinterest and promote their own blogs. The first thing that you need is a pinterest account. Dont have one ? Drop your mail ID in the comments section below and you will get your invitation to join pinterest as soon as possible. And so now as a blogger I tried to find ways to promote your blog via Pinterest. I found out some of the ways to promote your blog, I decided to share it with you guys. Below are some of the tricks to follow :

1. Usage of pictures :

Pinterest is a social network that is a picture based social network and so if you wanna promote your blog via pinterest then you MUST need pictures in your blog. Reports show that people on Pinterest are not much attracted towards in-complete pictures. For example you are making a tutorial on how to start your first wordpress blog. And if you add a picture like in the below to your post. If you pin them then people would surely not be attracted towards it.

2. Your blog readers will be bored with you posting on the same topic :

Take for example you are maintaining a food blog. If you keep on posting about stuff related to food then some of your readers would be bored. And so occasionally you should post something which even common people (common people in the sense the people who dont have interested in food blogs) too would like. The best topic that you can post is about some funny stuff. Fun is something that everyone will love. Post a picture which is much funny on your blog. And also pin it. People on pinterest have much desire towards fun. Every time you pin the picture that you have used on your blog a backlink will be provided to your post. This would give you a better page rank and your blog will be much SEO optimized and ultimately you will get more traffic.

3. Blogs related to Food, Pets, Fun are much gifted :

Blogs which are related to the categories mentioned above are much gifted. Eventhough they dont get much traffic via other social media's they would surely get loads of traffic if they make good use of pictures on their blog. Make use of pictures on your blog and pin them. People on pinterest have much interest towards these. And that Pets are ranking top in the table. Dont miss it. Start pinning !

4. The Best way to Promote for tech blogs :

If you maintain a tech blog like ours it would surely be difficult for you to promote on pinterest. The best way is to manage your pin boards. Take it as in the previous example you are posting an article on how to create your own wordpress blog, create a pin board in the same name and create pictures for each and every step and pin those pictures in that pin board. Make sure that the picture conveys what you have written in your post.

5. Gain more followers :

The key thing that you need to have to promote your blog on pinterest is to have a good number of followers. People would surely follow you back if you follow them. The thing that you need to note while following people is to follow people who have the same interest as yours. If you are maintaing a music blog follow someone who has interest in music.

6. Dont Spam your followers :

As mentioned before followers are very much important on pinterest and so dont spam your followers. Dont pin the pictures that is only on your blog. Everyone hates self promotion. So post every picture which you come across and you think would impress your followers.

7. Be an active member on Pinterest :

Last but not least you should be an active member on pinterest. Promoting with pinterest would be a bit difficult but dont lose your hope. Be an active member on pinterest. Keep of pinning something. Dont leave it eventhough your blog gets promoted a lot. Keep your followers engaged and make them like your pins, comment on it and also repin it.

I hope this article would have given your bloggers an overview on how to promote your blog on pinterest and also make use of it much efficiently. Happy Pinning !