Friday, 13 May 2011

How to use your mobile as a wireless webcam !

Hello guys. You might be excited at the topic. Many if the people in India dont have a webcam and they might want to have one. But they might not be able to buy it because of some reason. So here is a way to use your mobile as a wireless webcam. The things that you need is a Bluetooth system in your PC. Or you can even a Bluetooth device and fix it in your PC which might cost just Rs.100 or something like that. So now you have your Bluetooth device and now enable Bluetooth in your mobile and also in your PC. Then follow the below steps :

Before you start the following steps switch on Bluetooth in both your system and also in your mobile.

1. Download WWWIGO software. You can download it from here.

2. Now also download WWIGO for mobile from here and install it in your mobile.

3. Install the PC Part.

4. During installation, tick off "Transfer Mobile Application to phone".

5. Pick your phone in the list of nearby bluetooth units.

6. The phone part of WWIGO is then transferred to the mobile where it pops up in the inbox.

7. Finally, install WWIGO on the mobile from the inbox.

To test the WWIGO installation, try using WWIGO's stand-alone program on the computer. Also use this program to record video directly on the computer.

  1. Locate the 'WWIGO' shortcut in your "Start"-menu and launch the application on the computer.

  2. WWIGO will display a black screen with the text 'Not Connected'.

  3. Start WWIGO on the mobile.

  4. When WWIGO is up and running on the mobile, the camera image is displayed.

  5. Choose "Options" | "Connect" on the mobile and then select your computer in the list of bluetooth units

  6. Once the bluetooth connection has been established the mobile camera image is displayed on the computer.

And thats it. You can now use your mobile as a wireless mobile. Enjoy !!! :P