Saturday, 9 July 2011

Become Invisible in Gtalk.

Gtalk is the most used gmail client these days. There are lot of features in it. But in it we miss a great feature when compared to the chat which we can use directly use in gmail. That is becoming invisible. As many of the people know you cannot be invisible in Gtalk and so you cannot escape from friends who you hate. Usually you can only use the following statuses in Gtalk.

This is really a disappointing situation. But here is a solution for this problem. You can go to invisible mode using Gtalk Labs edition which is an experimental release of Gtalk normal edition. It has all the features of Gtalk and even the appearance resembles Gtalk.

1. Download Gtalk Labs edition from here and install it.

2. Open it and sign in with your gmail account.

3. In the place where you select the status you can also find a status named as invisible.

4. Select that and thats it you are now invisible in gtalk.

Note : If you are still signed in to chat from gmail then you will see an error saying "You are not invisible you are logged into Google talk from other client or device or location that does not support invisibility." To prevent this error sign out of chat from your gmail chat.

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