Friday, 8 July 2011

Top 3 jQuery plugins for wordpress blogs.

Today wordpress is the best blogging platform that many many big blogs like mashable use. And there are even lots of plugins that are available for wordpress. But jQuery plugins are something special from other plugins. Those plugins are preferred by bloggers mainly because of their stylishness and their appearance. So here is a list of top 3 jQuery that are very common and are also free of cost.

3. Polaroid Gallery : 

This Jquery plugin is really a great plugin that helps you if you are a photo blogger. It is like a photo previewer and its really awesome. And this also loads at a great speed. This plugin also adds a description about your photo below the photo.


2. Smooth Slider :

It is just a featured post slider and its really better than other sliders. It is easily customizable and as the name suggests it really slides smoothly.

                               DOWNLOAD IT HERE                                  

1. Smilies Themer Toolbar :

This is really one of the coolest jquery plugin that you can use. It shows a list of available smilies below the comment box.

            DOWNLOAD IT HERE               

And thats it. Hope this post was helpful to you guys and I hope you liked the above plugins. Enjoy blogging :)