Wednesday, 27 July 2011

How to star posts in Google plus.

Google plus is now evolving as a great social networking site and it has now crossed the 10000 milestone in the number of members in it. But facebook took upto 800 days to cross this milestone. So Google plus is considered as a Facebook killer by most of the people but a few think that Google has copied facebook. Yes of course it has copied some features but there are many new excellent features in Google plus and the best one is Huddles. So lets come to the topic.

Most of you must be in Gmail by this time and so you will surely know about the starring option which you can use to star some of your mails that you like and so that you can access those mails easily whenever you need it.

So why dont you star posts in Google plus. Yes ! you can do this easily. Here is a simple chrome extension that enables you to star posts in Google plus.

Install Circle star chrome extension that you can find here.

After you have installed it you are ready to go now.  But just take a look at the below points to use it more easily.

1. For seeing it in action just login to your google plus account and allow it to load completely.

2. After it has loaded completely you will find a star button to the right of the button. Just click on it to star it.

3. After you have starred it you will find the starred posts in the right sidebar just above the "People in your circles" tab.

4. Those starred posts will be available in the right sidebar so that anytime you can access that post by just click on the topic.

5. The disadvantage is that the newer posts that come into the stream dont have the star button and so you will have to reload the page each and everytime a new post comes in and if you wanna star it.

And thats it Happy starring. Any problems just post your comment about it.