Saturday, 23 July 2011

How to find who has removed you from their circle in google plus.

Google + is now becoming an emerging social network and it is considered as an facebook. But the drawback in both facebook and google + is that you cant find who has un-friended you and also who kicked you out of their circle. Google + and facebook dint wanted you to make feel bad that they have un-friended you or they have kicked you out of their circle. But still if you wanted to know it here is a way to do it.

1. First of all navigate to this page.

2. Click on the install button over there.

3. If you have not already installed kyntex on your browser then it will ask you to install it. Just download and install it.

4. Now you have to create a account in kyntex to install the app.

5. But dont worry this is not a long process. You can even login with your google or facebook account.

6. After you have logged in click on the install button below the title "Google Minus".

 7. And now that you have installed it. And now you MUST reload google plus for the effects to take place.

8. When you are logged in to your google plus account and when some one removes you out of their circle you will get a notification in the top right corner of your browser saying that he has removed you out of his circle.

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In the same way you can also install other kyntex apps which also includes facebook unfriend finder. My most favorite apps are google minus, facebook unfriend finder and plus one any where. These are the best apps of all time by kyntex.

That's it. Hope this was a helpful post and also dont forget to share your views in the comments...