Friday, 22 July 2011

How to add your site to Google News.

Have you ever imagined of this topic. This is really one of the best way to boost your traffic within one night. But adding it is a bit difficult task and google has to approve your site for it.

Here is how you can apply for adding your site to Google news.

1. Go to this link.

2. Click on the send us link in the first line.

3. In the following page click yes for the first question.

4. And so answer all the questions.

5. After you have answered the fourth question a form will appear below.

6. Fill up that form carefully and give all the correct details so that only your websites news will be added.

7. Note that Authors page and Contact Us page's are essential.

8. [TIP] While giving the URL for the news section give the URL's of all the category pages of your blog so that all the topics will be pulled.

9. Finally enter your contact information and submit the form.

And thats it now you have submitted your blog for approval. Your blog's content must be excellent for getting a positive response. But be patient. You will get the response within a time of two days. Patience is the keyword in Google.

The following are the advantages if your blog got approved :

1. You will get millions and millions if people seeing your post because there are lots of people out there who often sit in front of Google news.

2. Another important advantage is that your blog will become more SEO friendly and so they will easy be shown up within the top 10 results.

3. Google plus now becoming more popular and it has got more than 10 million users in just a month of time. Most of you by this time may be on google plus and most of you might have known about SPARKS. Those sparks news are taken from Google News and hence your blog posts will be shown up even there.

4. Huge traffic means more comments, more subscribers and even more MONEY !!!

Hope this was a useful tutorial. Good Luck in getting an approval for Google News.