Friday, 15 July 2011

Top 5 Surefire ways to get backlinks for your blog.

Getting backlinks are very important if you are a blogger. Blogging is more common these days and so most of the people are blogging. But many bloggers are new just like me and most of them dont know how to make their blog more popular and so they start to suffer and eventually they start to hate blogging. Getting backlinks will make your blog more more popular and you can easily get backlinks from other blogs. Here are some of the ways to get more backlinks.

1. Commenting on other blogs :

Commenting on other blogs is the best way to get more more backlinks. Before you comment on other blogs make sure that those blogs are comment luv enabled. If they are comment luv enabled then when you comment on their blog make sure that you enter your feed address in the website text box. So that a topic from your feed will show up below your comment and so a backlink for you.

2. Join Forums :

Joining in forums a easy way of getting backlinks. Join in popular forums like Digital Point and browse questions in the topic that you know well. Search a good question. Make your answer as a post for that question and give the link of that post as a reply to that thread. I am implementing this particular step and I get lots of traffic so.

3. Join Social Sites (MOST IMPORTANT : GOOGLE PLUS):

Join all the available social sites. The very popular social sites that a blogger needs to join includes google plus, facebook, twitter and linked in. Google plus is really the best way to make it more popular. Add lots and lots of people to your circle and share each and every of your blog posts link so that it will be showed to each and every one in your circle. And also use to show up your posts to facebook and twitter.

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4. Add your site to directories :

Add your sites to all the available directories in the internet. Create a feed for your blog and and it to all the available feed directories. Most of these directories will have a good alexa rank and so you can easily get more traffic from those back links.

5. Google webmasters tools :

Make good use of google webmasters tools. Create a sitemap for your site and submit it to webmasters tools. It will index your pages to google and soo you can get your site indexed in google and so your site will come up in searches and so a really good back link which would give you some great traffic.

Here is how you can integrate your blog with webmasters tools.

And thats it. Hope this tutorial to get backlinks was really useful. Meet you in the next post. :)