Monday, 11 July 2011

How to track social network shares within wordpress.

Social networks are really a great way of publishing your blog and so almost each and every blogger would have added social network share buttons to your blog below each and every post. But how do you know the number of shares of your post. Yes there is a way to know it.  So here is a wordpress plugin that helps you to track the number of shares for your social networking sites.

Introducing Social Metrics :

This is really a great plugin that helps you to know the exact number of shares your users have made right into your wordpress dashboard. And the big plus point is that it is free and supports many popular social networks like facebook, twitter, google plus, linked in etc. Below is a screen-shot of the plugin.

And another thing is that you have to add your own social network icons below your posts to find the number of shares of your posts. The best plugin for adding social media icons is Digg Digg. Download it here.

There are some really cool features included in it. They are as follows :

  • You can easily switch between posts and even pages.

  • You can change the number of posts to be shown.

  • And this is the most cool feature - If you have forgot to share it in any of the social network and then you can easily share it right from this place.

And yes below is the download link for this plugin created by Riyaz-net.

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