Saturday, 16 July 2011

Top 6 tools for bloggers.

Bloggers community is becoming larger day by day. So are the number of applications that are available for bloggers. Here are a list of some awesome resources that will be really useful for bloggers.

Bloggers Resource :

1. Touch Graph :

This resource is something different from other resources. This tool will let you to see the network of connections to your site in the format of a graph. This would really be very attractive to you. Just give it a try.

Link :

2. Blog Backup :

Its really a great tool that all bloggers must use. This tool takes a backup of your blog if you have registered and the registration is very very simple and your backup job is done in a click of single button.

Link :

3. Who is linking to me :

This is a tool that adds a widget to your blog that will show up the latest 5 links to your blog which is generated via technorati. This will be useful as the viewers might know that there are much links to your blog. You can also customize the way it appears so that it suits your blogs appearance. Add it using the link below.

Link :

4. Measure It ! :

You might have often measured the dimensions of your logo or your sidebar so that you can create a widget for your blog. It might be very difficult for you to measure the dimensions of your widget area. Here is a chrome extension that helps you to measure the dimension of anything all over the browser. This is really a handy tool for a blogger.

Link : Measure It !

5. Social Marker :

This is really a great social bookmarking tool that will bookmark the URL that you enter to exactly 50 social sites and other bookmarking sites. The best way to get traffic is to submit the URL of each and every post of yours to this site which will greatly increase your traffic in one night.

Link :

6. Windows Live Writer :

Are you on a long vacation and cant you access the internet. Here is an offline editor for your blog and it supports almost all the famous blogging platforms like blogspot and wordpress. So dont forget your blog even during a  vacation. Download windows live writer using the link below.

Link :

Out of all the above 6 tools the favorite of my is social marker as it helps me to get great traffic and secondly windows live writer. Whats your favorite mention it in comments....