Monday, 11 July 2011

Tracking the number of visits from corresponding sites | Google Analytics

In my previous post I have told about tracking the social shares by a simple wordpress plugin named Social Metrics. [Link to my previous post]. Wordpress is really a good blogging software and it is really popular and so lots and lots of plugins are available for it to customize it even tracking social shares. But plugins are not available for blogger as those blogs are automatically hosted by google and so they cannot upload each and every plugin that they ask and more-over no plugins are available for it. And now coming to the topic you can easily track the number of visits from your favorite sites using google analytics. Follow the steps to track it both for blogger and even for HTML pages :

1. First of all you must have a completely setup analytics account and it must be properly working. You can easily integrate analytics into blogger and even HTML pages.

2. Now open up the page where you see the stats of your blog and click on the "Advance Segments" link on the left sidebar under "My Customizations"


3. In the following page click on the create one link.

4. In the following page you will see a dotted box named as dimension or metrics. In the left side bar you will see a box named dimesions. Within it you will have a sub-topic named as Traffic Sources. Click on that and in that you will "Sources". Drag the sources and add it in the dotted box.

After you have dragged it you should see two other fields near it named as Condition and Value. Under condition select "Contains". And in the value field enter the URL of the site from which you wanna track the visits.

And you can add any number of sources to your site by dragging the Source from dimension and dropping it into the dotted box. You can create any number of dotted boxes by clicking on "add "or" statement".

And finally after completing all your page should look something like as follows :

And now enter a name for your segment and click on create segment button below.

And thats it you have now completed setting up the complete setup. Now when you wanna see the traffic coming from corresponding sites from your dashboard navigating to My Customizations > Advanced Segments > Your-Segment-Name.

And this option can also be used for tracking the shares of your corresponding. That is only if they share your posts in a social site, say for ex : facebook, they can visit your post. There is a no chance of direct traffic to your post. So if you have more visits from a social site then visitors are often sharing your posts in the particular social site.

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