Saturday, 13 August 2011

Google Music - Get Invites and join...

Google has now started another new service called as Google music. Google music is a really easy way to manage music online. There is no such place online to manage music. But again just like Google plus it is still in its development stage and so it is not possible for all google users to join music. And it is available only in USA. But  no worries. I will help you to use google music in any country using VPN. And so lets get started in using it.

Getting an invite :

1. I currently have only one invite. The one who asks for the invite first in the comments would get it.

And others dont worry. You can also get invites directly from google. And for that you have to visit Google music's official site. When you visit the site from countries outside US you will be  shown a apology message like the following.

And if you wanna visit this site from countries outside US then you have to use VPN services. Most of the VPN services charge you a cost. But here is a trick to get free VPN account from VPNOD. But this is a beta account and VPNOD will soon ban this trick. So hurry up. Here are the steps to get VPN account.

1. Login to your Gmail or Ymail or any other mailing service that you use.

2. Compose a mail.

3. Fill this address in the "To" field :

4. Fill this in the subject field : vpnod

5. Now send the email without any content.

Soon you will receive a mail with the details of your VPN account

[Credit Antidoms @ Techomag]

Now that you have got your VPN account. Do the following steps to set up a VPN connection.

Things you need :

  • VPN account
  • Internet connection
1. Now connect your system to internet.

2. Click on Start  and type in "Network and Sharing Center" in the search box.

3. Open the Network and sharing center.

4. Click on the setup and click on "Setup a new connection or network"

5. And in the resulting box click on "Connect to a workplace"

6. Click on "No I will create new connection" and continue.

7. Click on "Use My Internet Connection (VPN)" 

8. In the internet address field type : In the Internet Address: field, type
    In the destination field type : VPNOD

9. Now they will ask for your username and password. Enter the username and password that you got in the mail from VPNOD.

10. And now that it will show a message saying connecting and finally it will be connected.

Users who already have an invite 

1. Open up the mail with the invitation.

2. Click on the Get Started button there and now you are in.

Users who dont have an invite

1. Open up your browser and navigate to Google music.

2. Click on the Learn more button there.

3. In the top right of the following page you can see and "Request An Invitation" link. Click on that.

4. Now Login to your google account.

5. And in the following page you can request for an invite by click on the Request and Invite button.

It may take a while to get an invite. So be patient and get your invite. After you have got your invite you can login to your account.


And thats it your are done. Any queries just post them as a comment. Enjoy using Google music...