Tuesday, 30 August 2011

How to get more traffic to your blog - The power of keywords.

Bloggers are really growing in a great number day by day. Here is a quote said by an old blogger "Newbie bloggers are not knowing about the importance of SEO". So why dont you prove that the statement is wrong. Driving traffic is a bit difficult task according to me and it would be difficult for a newbie blogger to understand the core concepts of blogging, SEO, keywords etc. Now I am here to help you guys by giving a complete tutorial on what are keywords and how are they used and how to use them.


Most of the new bloggers have this great doubt that what are keywords. Keywords are some of the important terms that you use in your blog posts and in your blog. They are not just some random terms but the terms that search engines are able to track or crawl. You might have noticed that when you type something in a Google search you will find that some results will turn up. These results turn up only because of these keywords. You content must be rich with keywords only then your blog will get higher results in search engine results.


Things you will neeed :
  • A blog.
  • Internet connection 
  • And a few minutes of free time.
I have explained you guys what are keywords. Now lets see on how to find keywords that are suitable for your blog.

1. Open up your browser.

2. Navigate to this URL.

3. Now you will be redirected to Google Adwords site where you can find your keywords.

4. In the word or phrase column type some of the categories or tags of your site. Enter your sites URL in the website column. Enter the captcha and click on the search button.

5. Now they will show some of the keywords that are related to your blog and they will also show the competition for the keywords.


Now that you have found out your keywords. The thing that you have to do is to use these keywords in your blog posts and also create categories for the top keywords and use those keywords often in your post. But see to that you make meaningful sentences. So be careful. Use the keywords efficiently.

Other tips on SEO :

1. Add meta tags to your blog.

2. Configure your robots.txt file if you are a wordpress blogger.

3. Use All in one SEO pack plugin if you use wordpress.

There are many many tips and tricks to make your blog more SEO optimizable. Just google it and you can find millions of results... Enjoy blogging. :)