Monday, 22 August 2011

How to add HTML signatures in Gmail.

Hey there guys. Gmail is one of the best email services available there. And Firefox is one of the best browser standing next to IE. You might have seen people sending emails along with signatures which are very attractive and that they can be created only with HTML. So why dont you create your own HTML signature with your own HTML knowledge. I just love to send emails with HTML signatures since they are really really attractive. So now lets see on how to create it.

Things you will need :

1. Gmail account.

2. Firefox browser

3. Firefox addons (Links given below)

4. HTML knowledge. (If you are gonna use the second addon you dont need that too.)

So now lets get started :

1. Open up your firefox browser.

2. Now install this addon.

3. Open up your Gmail account.

4. And click on the compose mail option.

5. Now in here you will see two icons to the top of the "To" field.

6. Click on the Add a new signature icon which is one the left most.

7. A new text field will appear below the To field where you have to enter your HTML code and you have to click on the save button.

8. Below is the code which I used. You can edit it.


        <link rel='stylesheet' href="">



    <div class="mydiv">

        <img class="myimage" src="YOUR IMAGE LINK"/>



Dont forget to replace YOUR IMAGE LINK with the link of your image and replace YOUR description with a small description of yours. Now click on the save button.

The code above displays just a simple image and this wont be that much attractive. So now lets do something more interesting.

1. Open up Firefox.

2. Download and install this plugin.

3. After the browsers navigate to Gmail.

4. Now in the top right near your settings you will see an option called as Wise-Stamp.

Click on the edit signature which appears when you click on it.

5. A new window will open up saying Wise Stamp Preferences.

6. This is where you have to edit your signature.

7.Complete editing your signature.

8. And click on the "Ok" button.

A message saying the success will appear and that's it you are done. Now whenever you send an email your signature will appear below and now you are ready to go. Enjoy your signature :)