Tuesday, 2 August 2011

How to add Google plus widget to blogspot blogs.

Google plus is now becoming more popular day by day. But its new so not many widgets are available on google plus. Recently plusdev's have released Google plus widget for wordpress blogs. But what about blogspot blogs. Yes there is another service named as widget-plus that enables you to add a Google plus widget to your blogspot blog. Google plus widget is a widget that shows your profile picture and asks the users to add you to their circles. It acts similar to that of facebook's profile widget but it has an extra option of adding you to their circle. But this is not the official approach but the appearance looks great. So lets get started and see how to add it to your blogspot blog.

1. Lets assume that you have a google plus account.

2. Login to your google plus account and navigate to your profile.

3. There in your profiles URL you can find your profile's number that is displayed after the "plus.google.com/"

4. Note down that number and now fire up your browser to this page.

5. In that page click on the Get Widget button.
6. Now at the bottom of the same page you will see a settings box where you have to enter your Google ID which you got from step 3.

7. You can even include your feed and this is great in appearance when compared to the way that I mentioned in my previous post and even that was a long process.

8. Customize the widget to your needs and click the Get code button that appears in the place of Get Widget button that I mentioned in step 5.

9. Now you will get the code and a live preview of your settings. Copy this code.

10. Login to your blogger account. Navigate to Design > Page elements and add a HTML / Java Script element and add the codes that you got in step 9 and save it.

Wordpress Users can get another stylish Google plus widget here.

Thats it. Now you have added a good looking Google plus widget. Like this post ? Then come on Subscribe to Cyber Freaks. Any queries ? Post them as comments...