Monday, 1 August 2011

How to add your Google plus feed to your blog.

Google plus is now becoming more more popular and so many many new tricks are invading google plus and here is a new trick on google plus which may help bloggers. Most of you by this time must be in google plus. If you dont have one then feel free to ask an invite in the comments or contact me personally. Lets assume that you have a google plus account and you would like to add your google plus feeds to your blog (just like the twitter feed widget). Here is a way to do it. There is no official plugin for this widget but lets do this by doing some tweaks. Lets get started.

1. Login to your plus account.And navigate to your profile where you can find your # number. You can find your # number from your profile URL.

2. Now navigate to the following URL : PROFILE # NUMNBER HERE

Paste it in your browser's address bar and dont forget to replace "YOUR PROFILE # NUMNBER HERE" with your own profile number that you got from step 1.

3. You will now see a page that shows some XML codes. Note down this URL and this is your feed's URL.

4. Now go to feedburner and enter the URL in the text box given there and click on the next button.

5. Now you will see a page where you can select a URL and a name for your feed enter your desired name and a URL that you feel as comfortable and click the next button.

6. And click the next button in the following pages too.

7. Now you will be shown a page where you will be asked to add your feed to blogger.Ignore that page and navigate to Publish tab on the top.

8. Click Buzz Boost in the left sidebar. Enter your needs and click on the activate button.

9. After you have activated it you will get an HTML code which you can add it to your blog to see your Google plus feed on your blog.

This feed will have a simple appearance. You can make some tweaks using CSS and add it to your site so that it suits to your site. But if your templates background is white then the default one will suit you.

And thats it. Hope this was a useful tutorial. Do your like it ? Then subscribe to us to get such more tricks. Or do you have any problems just mention then in comments...