Tuesday, 30 August 2011

How to install android on your PC.

Android is one of the most poular mobile OS found in the market. iOS is a huge competition for android. But however android is free of cost. That single feature would easily defeat iOS. Most of the people in India dont have an android mobile and they are just waiting to see the appearance of android including me. Even I am a crazy fan of android and I too love to see the appearance of it. A few days back I got a tutorial on how to install android on a pc. I thought that it wouldn't work. But to my surprise I successfully installed android and it now dual boots along with ubuntu on my system. Now I am here to share about the topic. Now lets get started.

Things You Will Need :
  • Android x-86 (Download link below)
  • A PC
  • A pendrive or any other memory devices
  • Unet Bootin (Download link below)
Now lets start to install it.

1. Download a copy of Android x-86 from the official android website. You can download it from here.

2. Download the latest release. (the size would be upto 50 - 60 MB)

3. Now you have to download Unet Bootin. Download Link

4. Open Unet Bootin and you will see the following screen. Change the Disk Image to ISO and browse for the ISO file that you have downloaded from android official website. Change the Type to USB drive and change the drive letter to your USB drive's letter.

5. Click on the OK button. The process will take a few seconds or minutes depending on the speed of your computer.

6. Now reboot your system and enter your BIOS. Change the Boot Priority so that USB drive comes first followed by hard drive or CD drive depending on your wish.

7. Now reboot your system. Your system will boot from your USB drive and the following screen will be in front of you.

8. Now click on the Run Android without installation if you wanna run it without installing on your hard disk. If you wanna install it, click on the fourth option and continue the installation process. Its similar like that of normal operating systems.
If you are running from the live CD then you must see the following screen. (Android Desktop)

Now you are looking at your android desktop. Note that android might not that much efficient on some PC's. You can also use the android maket.

So just enjoy having it...