Thursday, 11 August 2011

Adding new tabs for your facebook page.

Facebook is the best place for promoting any product. It may be a blog or a product or anything else. Almost all  the enter pruners who are in facebook have their own page using which they can promote their product. And do you have a website and wanna promote it on facebook ? Here is a great way to add new tabs to your facebook page and it is powered by google ! And this is a large tutorial and just see below to get started.

1. Lets assume that you have a facebook account and a google account.

2. Login to your facebook account and search for developers in the search box in the header.

3. Click on the first result in the search or you can alternatively go to this URL. And you will be redirected to a page where you can create new apps.

4. Click on the create new app button in the top right of the page.

5. Enter the name of the tab that you wanna create in your facebook fan page and accept to the terms and click on the continue button. Enter the captcha and continue.

6. In the description field write the description of your tab. Upload an icon (the best one to choose is your blog's favicon.) And leave the other fields to defaults and click on the save changes button.

Now Open a new tab and navigate to google sites.

1. Login with your google account.

2. If you are using sites for the first time click on the Create site button in the following page.

3. In the resulting page you will be asked to enter all your details like entering a name for your site and the url and other details.

4. Expand the choose theme area and select the blank template.

5. Enter the captcha and click on the create a new site button.

6. Now you will be taken to the page where you can edit your website and do such other things.

7. In the top right you will see more actions click on that and enter the manage site option.

8. Now in the left sidebar click on general settings.

9. Now in the page de-select the show site name in the top of the pages option. We do this because you dont want the name of this site on your facebook page right. And click the save button.

10. Now click the site layout in the left sidebar and click on change site layout. Change the width to 500 px (because the width of facebook pages are only withing 550 px) and disable header and sidebar. Click Ok and save the changes.

11. Now below you will see something named as customize system footer links. A new popup will open and enable all the options in it. Click ok and save the changes.

12. Now that you have completed editing your settings and so click on the Return to site link in the left side bar.

13. You will be taken to the page that you got at the first after choosing the name and theme of your site.

14. In the top right you will see a button to create a page for your site. Click on that.

15. Enter a name of your page. In this example let it be Contact Us.

16. Let the other options to the default and  click on create page button.

17. Add the content that you want to appear on the facebook tab and save the page.

18. Now again click on More Options > Page Settings and disable all the four check boxes there.

19. After saving the changes copy the URL of the page to clipboard.

Back To Facebook.

1. You must have opened google sites in a separate tab leaving facebook aside. Now again go back to the tab where you have opened developers in facebook.

2. Click on the "On facebook" link in the left side bar.

3. Now there in the page you will find the following settings to be edited.

Canvas Page : Any unique link to this app.
Canvas URL : The URL that you copied from Google sites (Note : Remove https and replace it with http)
Secure Canvas URL : The URL that you copied from Google sites (Note: Dont remove https)
Tab URL : The same as Canvas URL
Secure Tab URL : The same as Secure Canvas URL.

Dont forget to add trailing slashes to all the fields except for the canvas page field.

4. After editing the above options your page should look something like the below :

5. Now save it.

Implementing In Your Page.

1. In the same page in the left sidebar you will find a link called as "View app profile page". Click on that.

2. Now again in the page in the bottom of the left sidebar you will find a link named as "Add to my page" Click on that.

3. Now you will find a list of pages that you admin. Click on the page where you want it to appear. And thats it. You are done.

If you wanna add more tabs follow the whole process again again until you are satisfied.

Hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial. Any queries just comment below. Or subscribe if its good...