Monday, 8 August 2011

How to add google plus banners to your profile.

Google plus is now becoming a very great social network and it already has started to dominate the social network giant facebook. It is still in its development stage but even in this stage there are many new features that beats facebook. This tip you can apply to both facebook and google plus. First of all you might want to know what do i meanby a banner. A banner is a group photos that together display a meaningful picture. When someone visits your profile in facebook or G+ he will find a group of five photos in the top. If will just show his latest five pics. But why not make it as a meaningful picture. See the picture below to get a clear view about banners.

1. Create your own desired picture using photoshop or any image editing software.

2. Now fire up your browser and navigate to this page.

3. There in the top you will see a link to upload a photo.

4. Upload your photo.

5. You will be asked to crop your photo so that that part will appear on your G+ or facebook profile.

6. After you have uploaded the images click on the render button at the bottom left of the image.

7. Now you will get the preview of 5 images. Right click and save each and every image.

Lets assume you have a G+ or facebook account.

1. Login to your G+ \ Facebook account.

For G+ Users

2. Navigate to your profile and click on edit profile.

3. There in the top you will find an area where you will be asked to upload photos. Upload the five photos there. And dont forget to save your profile.

For Facebook Users

4. Just go to your profile.

5. Click on photos and upload those photos.

And thats it you are all done. Enjoy having a beautiful profile. Any queries post them as comments.