Saturday, 6 August 2011

How to add threaded comments in Blogspot blogs.

Blogspot is really a good blogging platform and many people are using it. There are a few advantages in it. One of those disadvantages is that there is no threaded comments or in other words there is no reply option for comments. In wordpress by default almos every theme has this option. So what about blogspot. Yes you can add it, as usual by adding and editing the template. Well this is really easy if you follow the steps carefully.

1. Login to your blogspot account.

2. Navigate to Design > Edit HTMl and click the "Expand Widget Templates" box.

3. Now in the codes find the following one :


(Tip : Use Control + F to search for the above code quicker)

4. Paste the following codes diretly below the code that you found in step 3.

<a href=''><img alt='Best Blogger Tips' src=''/></a><span class='comment-reply'><a expr:href='&quot;;postID=&quot; + + &quot;&amp;isPopup=true&amp;postBody=%40%3C%61%20%68%72%65%66%3D%22%23&quot; + data:comment.anchorName + &quot;%22%3E&quot; + + &quot;%3C%2F%61%3E#form&quot;' onclick=', &quot;bloggerPopup&quot;, &quot;toolbar=0,location=0,statusbar=1,menubar=0,scrollbars=yes,width=400,height=450&quot;); return false;'>[Reply to comment]</a></span><a href=''><img alt='Best Blogger Templates' src=''/></a>

Hey Wait Up. Its not yet over. 

5. You have to replace YOUR BLOG ID with your own blog's ID to show the reply option in your blog.

6. If you dont know where you can find your blog's ID then enter into your blog and go to any page. (Ex : Posting, Design, Stats etc.)

7. Now there in the URL you will find your blog's ID right after "blogID="

8. Now that you have found your blog's ID and so replace it with YOUR BLOG ID in the code in step 4. 

And now thats it save your template and your are done. You would get a good looking reply option like the one in the following image :
The advantages of using these codes are as follows.
  • When your users click on the reply to a comment link a new window will be opened where they can comment.
  • When they comment they will mention the user whom they are replying to.
  • The users have an option to be notified by follow up comments via email.
Thats it hope this was a useful tutorial. Any glitches or queries comment below to get corrected.